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Reach Higher CD
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Reach Higher CD Digipak

A Message from
 the writers of Reach Higher:

We hope that one or more of our songs will touch a part of you that hasn't been touched in a long time and feel feelings that you haven't felt for many years. Maybe you will hear a line or a verse that revives memories of a time in your life when you were excited, passionate, and dedicated to achieving a dream - a dream that somehow faded into the background of a daily routine because “life got in the way". 

We hope our music will encourage you:

 ·To overcome an obstacle that has prevented you from showing the world how wonderful you are.
· To dig a little deeper and look a little longer at what it is that makes you - you.
 · To dust off that long forgotten dream and once again pursue it  with passion.
· To begin a new journey and seek a new path .
· To always remember that deep within your heart lies every color you'll ever need to make your own rainbows.

May God bless you and your loved ones,  Michael and Richard Berardi

Ronnie Kimball’s Reach Higher CD is a rare find in today’s myriad of music choices. All of the songs on this CD will inspire, encourage, and motivate the listener! This CD is for people of all ages and all faiths. Many of the songs on this CD are being used in schools, at religious services, abuse and rehabilitation centers, corporate events, candlelight services, patriotic events, and even sales conventions.

What others say about Reach Higher………..

"No matter what your religion, age, or gender, these wonderful songs speak to the lives of all of us through common themes of struggle to eventual triumphs. The perfect gift for a friend or a loved one who's going through a difficult time or who just loves great music."
John Beltzer, President and Founder of The Songs of Love Foundation


'Thank you so much for such a beautiful song, "Bricks From The Ashes".  It was as though this song was written especially for me. You see, I too, was married to a man that was not physically abusive, but emotionally abusive until I found the strength to take my tears and walk away. I thought I had given God the pain that I had down deep inside until I heard the words of this song and I realized some pain was still there. I wept and I felt the release that I desperately needed. God Bless You and keep touching lives with your beautiful music. A Life Forever Changed!"  Tammy


"Ronnie Kimball sings with a belief that shares the joy and pain of our lives. These incredible songs will give you chills. There's medicine in this music!" Linda Scott - Radio Host/TV Anchor


"I use Reach Higher as a therapeutic tool for my therapy groups. The songs generate the sharing of feelings and emotions. The music provides a comfort level to our groups and aids in the process of healing."
Gwen Schneider-Johnsen - Licensed Professional Counselor


Thank you so much for the CD "Reach Higher". I absolutely love it! I can't believe how good it makes me feel when I listen to the words. With so much sadness and too many let downs in today's world, what a great gift to give someone to help them REACH HIGHER! Thank you!!!  Judy


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