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MRB Christian Music Collection CD
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MRB Records
Christian Music Collection CD

14 Inspiring Christian Songs
This CD includes six songs featuring Ronnie Kimball
and eight songs by various artists.

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  1. "Jesus Rescue Me" (Ronnie Kimball)

  2. "He Will Be"
(Ronnie Kimball)

  3. "I Can Only Imagine"
(Ronnie Kimball)

  4. "In You (I found me)"
(Ronnie Kimball)

  5. "Arms of Your Love"
(Ronnie Kimball)

  6. "So Many Roads"
(Ronnie Kimball)

  7. "Via Dolorosa"
(Jaimee Paul)

  8. "Who Is Like You"
(pq myers)

  9. "Almighty God"
(pq myers)

10. "He Will Be - Instrumental"
(Richard Berardi) 

11. "To Live Without You"
(Michael Berardi) 

12. "The First Christmas Gift"
(Lon Gary) 

13. "In His Refuge - Instrumental"
(Richard Berardi)

14. "Let Go, Let God"
(pq myers)

Here are just a few of the many letters that we
have received from people who have been 
blessed in some way by our music.  It is such
a joy for us to read these letters,
and we hope
to hear from more of you.

"I really love your music, it is by far the best I have listened to in a long time. I sing all the time at 
different churches, and I am always wanting to bring
something new. Now I can, and also spread the word
about your music so that all can get it and sing as

"The recording of the song, "In You I Found Me” may
  be the most inspiring I have ever heard. Period.....
Thank you and God Bless you ......Tom "



"My neice sent me your CD. I have had quite a few bad years. I have felt so alone, so many times. You have no idea how it has lifted me, and have given me strength.  I just had to tell you Thank You for taking the time to make such a beautiful CD. It leaves me bewildered by it’s beauty, and gives me strength when there is none. God Bless You. You have truly earned your wings before you get to Heaven. Blessings to you and your loved ones. 

"I went thru a very rough year last year. It was so hard that at times I questioned my faith…Your songs have hit home and made me feel so much better about my life. 
Thank you again! 
In God's love, 

" Dear Michael and Richard, 
When I opened up your CD this morning and  listened I was renewed and immediately sent it to all my friends here at work. I love written/verbal words with a message and heart – reaching emotion! I selfishly bought the CD’s for myself, but have decided they would make great gifts. I’ll be purchasing again soon. Keep on knocking our socks off! You will be covered in prayers. 
Love, Terry"

"My sister-in-law sent your CD to me. 
I lost my daughter to cancer, she was only 47.  
The song "I Can Only Imagine" gave her strength to handle the cancer.  It was a comfort to me also. God has blessed you.
Thank you so much, Hazel."


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