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Songs of Solace CD
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Songs of Solace CD
17 Original Heartfelt Melodies

Over the years my brother, Richard, and I have written and recorded hundreds of songs together. Many times I would hear him playing the piano in the studio when he thought no one was listening. He was playing melodies that flowed from him without rehearsal and without sheet music, a true expression of his heart. When you listen to these beautiful melodies, you will be taken to a place of solace that is calming to your spirit and soothing to your soul.

It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to share some of Richard's wonderful music with you on this CD.
                                                        Enjoy your journey as you listen!
                                                                       Michael Berardi

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The numbers in parenthesis indicate the length of the song on the CD.

1. Drifting in Dreams (3:43)
2. Natures Harmony
3. This Moment
4. Always a Rainbow
5. Look Within
6. Butterfly
7. In the Midst
8. Give Thanks
9. Through A Child's Eyes
10. Faithful (3:22)
11. Light of Love
12. Song of Solace
13. When We Were
14. The Gift of You
15. Silence in the Storm
16. He Will Be
17. Andie's Theme

These are just a few of the many wonderful letters we received:

"I am looking forward to receiving my order. Last year, after the death of my daughter, I purchased your CD, Songs of Solace. It has brought me many hours of comfort. I am a doctor with the VA and I treat combat veterans in the Department of Psychiatry. I play your CD in my office as background music almost continually throughout the day. It is a blessing to many people. Thank you for all you do. I wish you the best. Merry Christmas and thanks again! Donna"

“The last few evenings I've been sitting in my bedroom with a cool breeze blowing and listening to your “Songs of Solace” CD. Your soothing music is perfect to accompany my reading, studying and meditating."
Blessings, Christine - United Kingdom  

"Your music takes me away from this hectic world, to a quiet and serene place. 
Love it!!!!!!!!" Kathy

"I received my Songs of Solace CD today and played it this evening. What an anointing there is on it. The presence of God was so strong in my living room tonight. Thank you so much. What a blessing it is." Jackie
"It's raining here, but I'm playing your Songs of Solace CD, and the sun just came out. So relaxing !!!"  Rachel - Australia

"How can I possibly thank you for giving me such a WONDERFUL gift? Thank you SO much for soothing and calming my soul."
Sue K Illinois


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