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Ronnie Kimball's Reach Higher CD

Otis "Pokey" Warren's Declare His Glory DVD

Richard Berardi's When I Pray CD

Richard Berardi's
Songs of Solace CD

Andie's Andie's Isle DVD Video Collection

All six (6)  "I Can Only Imagine"  "He Will Be"  "Via Dolorosa" 
"In You (I found me) "So Many Roads" "He Will Be-Instrumental"

MRB Records Christian Music Collection CD
13 Inspiring Christian Songs  "I Can Only Imagine" "He Will Be"
"Via Dolorosa"  "The First Christmas Gift" & many more!


          Christmas Special
The First Christmas Gift 

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Reach Higher

Songs of Solace

Andie's Isle

MRB Christian
Music Coll. CD

His Glory DVD

When I Pray


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         1.  (Two) CD Special - When I Pray & Songs of Solace
         2. Both Andie's DVD & the Christian Music CD Special
         3. All Six Products Special


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